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Siem Reap Shopping
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Pich Reamker Shop

591, Street Hp guan Mondol & Svay Dangkum TV Siem Reap, Cambodia


Overview of Pich Reamker Shop

Unique gallery and shop offering authentic masks and headwear used in traditional Cambodian dance, drama and theatre. If you have attended a traditional Cambodia performance, you have probably seen some of these mask in use in one of the dance dramas drawn from the Reamker (the Khmer version of the classic Indian Ramayana). The colourful mask offered by Pich Reamker are very high-quality, absolutely authentic, created using traditional techniques, hand painted, each a unique work of art in itself. 


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Guest Name: Ms. Ivy Kristia Padura
Country: Philippines
City: Hanoi
Number of Person: 2 adults 1 kid (7 years old)
Travel Date: 23/07/2018
Pick Up Services: Yes
Arrival By: Air
Take Tour By: Tuk Tuk
Book Choice: Angkor Discovery 2 Days Tour with Tuk Tuk for 3 Person