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Siem Reap Shopping
Siem Reap Shopping & Nightlife Web Directory

Noon Night Market

Siem Reap, Angkor, Cambodia.



Most of the markets had designed and scheduled to serve the purchasers for day or night. Our local team found a great different timing from all others bazaars for local people and tourist with a Free- And- Easy Shopping in a cool and comfortable atmosphere. All walkways installed by row of local silk lamps and fans. 

Noon- Night Market (Open from 12:00PM-11:59): Have over hundred stalls and thousands of ornaments and products to be your gifts and souvenirs for friends and family. Silvers, CDs, movies, music, book shop, color painting, temple rubbing, clothes, cooking ingredients, Mart, restaurant, Bar, Tattoo massages...

Free- And- Easy Shopping at Noon Night Market

Bistro Khmer Restaurant (Open for Dinner only): located in the compound of market will offer best local foods with our friendly staffs.

Amok Fish and Beef Loklak are highly recommended as they could only find in Cambodia.

Dinning Experience with local dish!

Lunar Bar (Open from late noon till late): Build up in a canopy thatch roof shape, supporting by bunches of bamboo columns and ornamented with silk lamps, sitting by comfortable radar chairs by the lunar shape bar table accompany by nice music and relax feeling.

Let’s Party with Noon Night Market !

Noon- Night Mart (Open from 12:00PM to 11:59PM): have best local products such as candy, palm sugar, local liquids... able to get what you want. Especially very yummy ice- creams are in cooler.

Yummy at Noon Night Market !

Skin Art Shop (Open from noon to late night): Mr. Narin is a professional tattooist handed over from his ancestor, will make your best tattoo, clean and safe.

Amulet body!

Massage at Noon Night Market:

- Traditional Khmer Massage, obtain body and foot massage.
- Khmer culture is famous of massage after a long day work to treat the tiredness and fresh feeling as well as therapy.
- Besides man, Dr. Fish Massage “ Garra Rufa” will assist to clean the old skin then let the new grow up.

Experience With a New Therapy’s Way!

Dining Experience at Noon Night Market

Khmer Bistro Restaurant is designed and ornate by local silk and plantation with palm leaves wall be await by comfortable chairs.

Dining experience at Khmer Bistro Restaurant offers the best of two worlds. Choose from Western dishes or a seasonally-inspired Khmer menu showcasing the distinctive harvests of local farmers and untamed surrounds.  Hours of operation 16:00-22:30

Local famous dishes all over the country are: 

- AMOK is available with all meats, fish or just vegetable. ( Ingredient: Curry spicy paste, Green Leave, coconut cream, and white egg serve with steam rice)

- LOK LAK is available with beef, pork and chicken. (Ingredient: Marinated with satay paste, Pan fried egg serve with steam rice or French fried.)

- GREEN CURRY is available with all meals, fish and vegetable. (Ingredient: Curry paste, egg plan, French bean, meant serve with rice)


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