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Khmer Ceramic Centre

Siem Reap, Angkor, Cambodia.

About Khmer Ceramic Center

The Khmer Ceramic Centre in Siem Reap is dedicated to the renaissance and appreciation of the lost art of Khmer ceramics. Khmer ceramics once thrived during the Khmer Empire from 802 to 1432. NCKCR was founded in 2006 to revive the skill and knowledge of this technically challenging and beautiful hand crafted art form. 

We propose Contemporary Khmer Ceramics; including tableware, vases, lavabos,... inspired by Khmer culture and environment, and Khmer Traditional Ceramics; both functional and decorative

We offer vocational training for young disadvantaged Cambodians, academic research and international collaborations with esteemed potters to build and revive this lost heritage.

We aim to build the National Center for Khmer Ceramics Revival, dedicated to Khmer fellow potters.

Workshop of Khmer Ceramic Centre

The Khmer Ceramic Centre – KCC, cordially invites you to visit, free of charge, our ceramic production and revival training centre, workshops and kilns, as we assist present and future generations of young Cambodians to revive the rich ceramic heritage of the Khmer Empire – 802 to 1432. The Khmer ceramic heritage is unique and very different from the ceramic traditions of China, Vietnam, Champa and later Siam.  

You will be fascinated by the many activities taking place, and we encouraged you to try your hand at the potter’s wheel! The KCC and its young Khmer students are passionate about bringing about a full revival of the ancient skills and recreating traditional, high quality, Khmer ceramics for the benefit of future generations.  We wish to share this passion with you – its infectious!

Our trainees will give you a fully guided tour with explanations and demonstrations of all stages and processes involved in turning raw clay in to a full finished, fired and glazed Khmer ceramic of beauty and utility.  After which we invite you to browse in our show room and relax in the beautiful tropical garden setting.

Our several kilns are all faithful reconstructions of ancient traditional Khmer Kiln types based on proven archaeological discoveries, and are of great interest and fascination to most people; especially so if your visit coincides with the regular firing of one of the kilns.  These kilns operate at very high temperatures, between1,000 ۫ C to 1,400 ۫C  (1,800 F to 2,550 F). Please join in and help us “fire” a kiln – an impressive and awe inspiring activity and highly photogenic!

Visiting the KCC is a “must” whilst in the Angkor region as it brings you closer to the true Khmer spirit and gives you a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Khmer ceramic arts and heritage, so sadly lost, but now making a slow renaissance through our work and research.

Opening hours are: everyday 8 am to 7:30 pm daily.


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