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Happy Painting Gallery

Siem Reap, Angkor, Cambodia.

Overview of Happy Painting Gallery

Since 1995, Happy Painting Galleries are all dedicated exclusively to the iconic Stef artwork; with solo & none stop exhibitions. Stef is one of the finest and most original emerging artists in South-East Asia. His fresh approach to the world is infusing warmth and enthusiasm.

Thai International Airways-Cambodia ordered Stef a commemorative mural for their 50th anniversary. Among his art collectors are UNDP, UNICEF, World Food Program, Inter-Continental Hotel, Sofitel Hotel, etc. In 2008, Stef was commissioned for a monumental 15 meters mural for the Sihanoukville International Airport lobby.

The Artist of Happy Painting Gallery

An artist who went through comic strip drawing and publishing, Stéphane Delaprée, was able to create his very own style in painting. For over 10 years, since he arrived in South-East Asia, Stef has tried to make us see, using free figuration, what is more typical and endearing in this part of Asia. Funny and colorful, his art is extremely popular and accessible to all. The universe he offers us in his work is happy and uncomplicated. Thanks to him we forget adjectives that are normally attached to this sick world: War, poverty and dark skies. Some words taken from the poetry of Jacques Prévert (Major French 20th century artist) describe Stef’s work perfectly. Here they are: “ ...on the blackboard of despair, he drew the face of happiness ... ” being fond of working over the same subjects, Stef also does hand made limited editions serigraphs of some of his works on T-shirts and on hand made mulberry paper. He also offers less fortunate travelers the opportunity to acquire his beautiful reproductions. Great souvenirs! His success comes from his very own style, which he named “Happy Painting”. To help us discover it, he opened his own galleries in Cambodia. His dream is to have his concept seen all over the planet. Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Laos, China, Singapore, France, Spain and Canada have already inspired this artist.

Anne-Sylvie Charest

Art critic


- Founded in 1995, the Happy Painting Gallery has been one of the first and most iconic art establishments, in Cambodia.
- The Happy Painting Gallery is offering non-stop exhibitions of St
- The commercial success of his art means that Stef is one of the country
- His trademark bright colours and murals of happy Cambodians led Stef to a commission to design the layout and illustrations for the new constitution of the Kingdom of Cambodia. 
- Now Happy Painting Gallery is very much a part of Cambodian cultural landscape. There are four galleries throughout Cambodia.

2007 - SCA/Vinci commissioned Stef large size works, including a monumental picture of 15 x 3 meters ( 590" x 118" ) for the Sihanoukville International airport's lobby..

2008 - The artist was invited to participate to the Second International Contemporary Art Expo of Malaysia. The Heng Artland Gallery, KL, offered Stef to represent his creations on Malaysian market.

2009 - Expo in duo at the Gnani Art Gallery, Singapore.


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