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Angkor Cookies (Madam Sachiko)

Opposite Sofitel Angkor Phokeethra Hotel, Angkor Wat Road, Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Greeting from Madam Sachiko

"We wanted to increase work opportunities for Cambodian people. That was where it all began." 

We wish to produce a high-quality Cambodian product made by the hands of Cambodian people, broadening their work opportunities. An individual does not want to always rely on the support of others, but to stand on his or her own feet and live independently. We looked to see what we could do and this was how Angkor Cookies was born. We hope that each one of you – visiting from all around the world – will live many beautiful experiences and we wish you a safe and peaceful trip. This same desire has been poured into our handmade cookies. Beginning with just one cookie, Cambodian people can start living their dreams for the future. We strongly believe that this is the most valuable message for the future of the country.

The Company Aim of Angkor Cookies

Cambodian Products made by Cambodian people

Most people, especially the ones who have never visited Cambodia, have a wrong image that Cambodia is a very dangerous country with civil wars and disruptions, or that it is a very poor country. 

But now, more and more tourists visit one of the world's greatest heritage landmarks: Angkor Wat. New hotels and restaurants (Khmer, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Indian, Vietnamese, and Italian are opening every day. The local life style is progressing, resulting in more people eating out with their families and getting around in their own cars. There are many Internet cafes and more and more owners of mobile phones. 

However, only a few Cambodian people live in newly developed cities. Most Cambodian people live in outer cities or countryside, the same way they had been living long time ago, in houses on stilts, drawing water from wells and thriving most on agriculture. It is traditional to work with the family rather than to study at school. Some children don't go to school, but they help their families to take care of their land. 

Tourism prospers in cities; therefore, opportunities to work in the tourism industry are multiplying such as with hotels, restaurants, and travel agencies. Unfortunately, the opportunities are limited to the people who can speak foreign languages like English. With lower education levels, people from the countryside can only hope for a job in their farming village. 

In our company, we actively employ this kind of Cambodian people. Not only to assist them but to provide the opportunity to learn, to work, to get rewards for their work and to gain pride for their achievements. The Kingdom is in great need of such opportunities. 

We create genuine Cambodian-made products and offer the highest-quality standard.

- Rather than rely on outside supports, we offer them work opportunities to help them stand on their own feet and strengthen their lives.
- Beginning with just one cookie, they can build a better future. We open up new opportunities for young Cambodian people. 
- We offer only natural and delicious food, 100% made in Cambodia.

History of Angkor Cookies


Grand opening: ANGKOR COOKIES SHOP in Siem Reap, Cambodia

AUG 2005 ANGKOR COOKIES SHOP moved to road to Angkor Wat

SEP 2006 Development new market: mail order to Japan

JAN 2007 Grand opening: Café Puka Puka in Siem Reap, Cambodia

AUG 2009 Establishment: Branch office in Phnom Penh

Grand opening: Shop & Café TROIS CONTINENTS in Phnom Penh (closed)


NOV 2011 Grand opening: Café Puka Puka at Night Market in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Angkor Cookie's Outline



[Date of Establishment] APRIL 2004

[Number of Offices] 1 Office in Cambodia

[Number of Shops] 3 Shops in Cambodia

[Major Business Areas] Sale souvenirs, restaurant, wholesale Cambodian ingredients

[Number of Employees] 75 (FEB 2012)

[Head Office] Opposite Sofitel Angkor Phokeethra Hotel, Road to Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Kingdom of CAMBODIA

Shop of Angkor Cookie

The cookies in the shape of the world heritage site, Angkor Wat, are loved by a lot of visitors to Siem Reap. We choose ingredients made in Cambodia whenever possible. These delicious cookies are made by our own hands and the ingredients are chosen carefully. Original Cambodian gifts are also available at our shop. You can easily find the yellow-colored signboard on the way to Angkor Wat. Please come to see us!! Our Cambodian staff warmly welcome to you with smiles. 

Information for sending our product abroad

It is possible to send our cookies abroad. However, their shape can be broken if we send them even we pack them carefully with bubble sheets. We'll send them by EMS, sending cost is depend on the weight.

If you agree with this condition, please tell us your 

1) ordering amount, 

2) address (country) 

3) telephone number. 

Thank you.


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