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Siem Reap Photography
Siem Reap Photography

Siem Reap Photography

Angkor is the most popular tourist destination in Cambodia, and one of the hottest, so you need to schedule your day to avoid both crowds and heat. Spending 3 days mingling with coach buses while sweat pours from your armpits can drain you of energy and inspiration. The key is to plan your day around early starts, shoot in the first hour or two of sunlight and then retire to the comfort of your hotel. Use the middle of the day for reviewing photos, dunking in the pool or an inexpensive massage. Then be ready at 3pm to go shoot some more. Sunset is early at Angkor, so when the light has left behind the haze and horizon you'll easily be back at the hotel in time for dinner.

John McDermott Photography

John McDermott Photography

FCC Complex, Pokambor Avenue, Siem Reap-Angkor, Cambodia.

American photographer John McDermott first came to Angkor in 1995 to witness a total eclipse of the sun. Inspired by the surreal, otherworldly light of the eclipse, he returned again and again over the next several years to ... More Detail.

Diwo Gallery Angkor Art

Diwo Gallery Angkor Art

on the road to the Tonle Sap lake, from the Vat Svay bridge, follow Diwo Gallery’s signs, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Thierry Diwo a Cambodia-based French photographer and publisher, has been visiting Angkor's Temples since 1992, when he came, in Cambodia for the first time to realize reports for a medical NGO and for UNICEF. In fact, he ... More Detail.


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