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Oddar Meanchey Attractions
Oddar Meanchey Attractions

Oddar Meanchey Tourist Attractions

  • Overview of Oddar Meanchey Province » Click here to read more...
    • » Oddor Meanchey Introduction

      Oddor Meanchey Introduction, Cambodia

      Oddar Meanchey is one of the smallest provinces of Cambodia located in the far Northwest bordering with Thailand. Its name means Victory Province and the provincial capital is called Samraong. This area was formerly known as Phanomsok, a province of Thailand, which was ceded to French Indochina in 1906, and now remains a part of Cambodia. This province is also a recent creation that was carved out of Siem Reap Province, which the government did not control for much of the 1980s and 1990s. 

      The countryside is covered by the Dangrek Mountains (or escarpment, as they are sometimes called), which was an optimal shelter for the Khmer Rouge to hide. It is a very remote province that has been a notorious place, because this is where he nastiest of the nasty Khmer Rouge made their last stand. The diabolical Pol Pot and his seemingly bloodthirsty henchmen, Nuon Chea, Ta Mok, Son Sen and Khieu Samphan holed up here for the last years of the Khmer Rouge's existence (another of the henchmen, Ieng Sary, already worked out a surrender and defection deal with the government in 1996). 

      Pol Pot died mysteriously here, after a supposed power struggle within ... More Detail...

    • » Oddor Meanchey Geography

      Oddor Meanchey Geography, Cambodia

      Oddor Meanchey province is 6,158 square kilometres big. It's located in the far Northwest of the country and is bordering to the North with a lengthy borderline to Thailand, to the East with Preah Vihear, to the West with Banteay Meanchey and Siem Reap to the South. In the North the province consists of the re-known Dangkrek Mountains, which are more or less the hill foods of the massive mountain range (the real Dangkrek Mountains) coming from Thailand. There is a nice interesting wildlife sanctuary called Kulen Promtep in the Southeast of the province. The rest of the province is an agricultural used strip, where the illegal logging of the 1980s and 1990s shows its rampant ... More Detail...

    • » Oddor Meanchey Climate

      Oddor Meanchey Climate, Cambodia

      The country has a tropical climate - warm and humid. In the monsoon season, abundant rain allows for the cultivation of a wide variety of crops. This year-round tropical climate makes Cambodia ideal for developing tourism. Travellers need not to fear natural disasters such as erupting volcanoes or earthquakes, and the country is not directly affected by tropical storms. 

      Climate: Cambodia can be visited throughout the year. However, those plans to travel extensively by road should be avoided the last two months of the rainy season when some countryside roads may be impassable. The average temperature is about 27 degrees Celsius; the minimum temperature is about 16 degrees. December and January are the coolest months, whereas the hottest is April. 

      General information about the provincial climate:

      - Cool season: November- March (22c-28c) 

      - Hot season: March- May (27c -35c) 

      - Rainy season: May - October (24c-32c, with humidity up to ... More Detail...

    • » Oddor Meanchey Population

      Oddor Meanchey Population, Cambodia

      The current population in this province is about 102,835 people or 0,7% of the country?s total population (14,363,519 person in Cambodia, 2007, provincial government data), with 52,650 male and 50,185 female. The population density is therefore 16,7 people per square ... More Detail...

    • » Oddor Meanchey Economy

      Oddor Meanchey Economy, Cambodia

      The province's economy is 93% based on farming and the remaining other 7% are based on fishing and trading. Because of its border with Thailand, the international trade is also booming and becoming another important sector of the province's economy. There is several developing plans from province based NGO's, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from Thailand and Cambodian government itself. The economy and infrastructure of the province was sustainably destructed during the Khmer Rouge stand and needs therefore a whole new stabile ... More Detail...

    • » How to get to Oddor Meanchey

      How to get to Oddor Meanchey, Cambodia


      Bus/Share Taxis: 

      If you wish to go to Anlong Veng you best come from Siem Reap via Major Road No 64 (distance: 142km). The time of journey vary depending on the season between 4-6hours. The easiest transport mean is a share taxi, which will charge you around US$4-5. Anlong Veng is also connected by reasonable roads to the provincial capital Samraong (US$4) in the West and Prasat Preah Vihear to the East.

      Coming from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap: (Bus) 

      Several guesthouses, travel agencies and bus companies offer daily bus transport between Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. It is a smooth 314 km, 5-7 hour trip. The bus makes at least two stops along the way (at Skun and Kampong Thom). All charge the same, $3.50 (14,000R) one way. The earliest buses depart starting at 6:30AM and that last buses between noon and 1PM.

      Neak Krorhorm Travel : 

      Phnom Penh office at the corner of Street 110 and Sisowath Quay. Siem Reap office opposite the Old Market GST: Phnom Penh bus station near the southwest corner of Phsar Thmey (Central ... More Detail...

    • » What to see in Oddor Meanchey

      What to see in Oddor Meanchey, Cambodia

      There are plenty of Tourist Attractions in Oddor Meanchey. Of these, the must visit places of interest in Oddor Meanchey are the Cultural Site of Khmer Rouge, also known as Tamu House, Border Check- Pint of Ou Smach and Waterfall of Cham Pey. These places of Tourist Attraction in Oddor Meanchey have been discussed in greater details in the following paragraphs. 

      Tourist Attraction in Oddor Meanchey: The Cultural Site of Khmer Rouge (Tamu House) 

      Tamu House in Oddor Meanchey, Cambodia is a place which displays various statues depicting the lifestyle and troop arrangement of Khmer Rouge during the period of their struggle against the Royal Government. The area in which Tamu House is located had been organized and controlled by Khmer Rouge since 1979 to the end of 1997. On your trip to Tamu House, you can also visit the cultural site of Khmer Rouge that is located nearby. The exact location of this cultural hub is in the heart of An Lung Veng Districial. This place is located at a distance of approximately 100 kilometer from the provincial town by Road No 68. This site is a popular Tourist Attraction in Oddor Meanchey that is ... More Detail...

    • » Where to eat in Oddor Meanchey

      Where to eat in Oddor Meanchey, Cambodia

      As Samraong isn't big at all you will easily find the central market with several food stalls around offering saucepans of pre-cooked food for around 2,000-3,000 Riel a serve. Unless the pots are still hot, it's a good idea to have them hear your servings up again so that you don't get more than you bargained for like getting sick. If you would like to go more for some sophisticated food, check the Santepheap restaurant (one of the best in town), where you might find some proper dishes, but don't expect Western food. 

      The best restaurant in town is only open for breakfast and lunch. A friendly English- and French speaking Cambodian gentleman and his family run it. They can make up most Thai Khmer dishes that you may wasn't and also serve a good breakfast of eggs, French bread and coffee. The restaurant scene in Anlong Veng is similarly limited as in Samraong. There are several local food stalls around the central roundabout offering some local dishes at very reasonable prices mostly its typical Khmer and Chinese noodle ... More Detail...

    • » Where to stay in Oddor Meanchey

      Where to stay in Oddor Meanchey, Cambodia

      Actually Samraong has never been a big touristy spot so you'll just find some very basic guesthouses clustered near the dirty little market, which is advantageously located right next to the taxi station.

      Rikreay guesthouse: 

      This is a simple but clean place with a bed, mosquito net, fan (for a part of the night, as electricity may shut down) and share bathroom going for 10,000 riel.

      Meanchey Guesthouse: 

      The Meanchey Guesthouse is likely the most conclusive one among these with some NGOs visiting. This place is similar to the Rikreay, only the power stays on for twenty-hours, which means your fan should stay on all night. A room with a share bathroom, net and fan is US $ 4 and a double room with a simple bathroom inside of it is $10 - expensive for what it is but you are paying extra for the power. The US$ 4 room is so to say the better deal.

      In fact that there aren't that much tourists staying overnight there are 3 very basic guesthouses in Anlong Veng. The most convenient one is the Reaksmey Angkor Guesthouse in the North of the small town. You will find quite clean ... More Detail...

    • » Shopping in Oddor Meanchey

      Shopping in Oddor Meanchey, Cambodia

      As it is quite common in Cambodia even small towns, such as Samraong have at least one marked. You may also find a market in Samraong centre, which is a busy area with local shops dealing the local daily consumer products, like fish, fruits, vegetables, meats and packed products. Most of the food and drink shops are surrounding the ... More Detail...

Oddar Meanchey is one of the smallest provinces of Cambodia located in the far Northwest bordering with Thailand. Its name means Victory Province and the provincial capital is called Samraong. This area was formerly known as Phanomsok, a province of Thailand, which was ceded to French Indochina in 1906, and now remains a part of Cambodia. This province is also a recent creation that was carved out of Siem Reap Province, which the government did not control for much of the 1980s and 1990s.

Champei Waterfall

Champei Waterfall

Champei waterfall or Laang Ta Thong waterfall is 35 kilometers northeast of Odda Meanchey provincial town. A natural site, is ... More Detail

O' Smach

O' Smach

O Smach is on the Cambodian-Thai border, about 41 kilometers north of Oddar Meanchey provincial town. The town features a resort ... More Detail

Cultural Site Of Khmer Rouge

Cultural Site Of Khmer Rouge

In Anlong Veng district, along Road 68, about 100 kilometers east of Oddar Meanchey provincial town, is a house once owned by ... More Detail

Anlong Veng

Anlong Veng

Folks come for the Khmer Rouge history and a number of sights to that end can be found here. In town is the Ta Mok villa and on ... More Detail


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